Self Love

My personal journey in “self love” started about 6 months ago. Its hard to pinpoint exactly when or how. But basically I have always been interested in improving myself. I’m always making lists of things I want to do or learn or try. But I really recognized that I wanted to make a substantial change in my life, not just listing new hobbies I wanted to try. I really think a huge inspiration for me was when I started listening to podcasts at work and stumbled across some self love ones and immediately loved them and wanted more!

I found myself listening to these podcasts and basically saying “Yes that’s exactly how I feel!” or “This is exactly what I need to do!!”. So this was a huge source of inspiration for me. The main podcast that sparked this was the Earn Your Happy podcast by Lori Harder. I would say anyone who wants to feel inspired about changing their life should give it a listen! I will admit, sometimes it can be a bit peppy and almost like.. saying so much without saying anything at all.. If that makes sense! But honestly it is a really great podcast!

So! I found myself totally inspired. I started reading books on Self Help, listening to more and more podcasts, and really doing some work with myself to figure out what changes I wanted to make. And then…. nothing happened!

I’m talking about the rabbit hole of planning and getting ready to make a change… but not having the balls to actually take the first step. For example.. one of the things that kept coming up for me was Meditation. I was reading about it in books and hearing people in interviews talking about how important meditation has been for them. Meditation is a way to basically separate from our thoughts and observe our patterns which can help identify negative patterns and even just take note of what things are coming into our minds. I was excited about meditation but for weeks couldn’t bring myself to actually wake up half an hour earlier and start making it part of my morning routine!

Same with trying a new fitness class. Through self reflection, I realized that I had always really wanted to try a fitness class but I wasn’t doing it because I was letting my fears stop me. I knew this had to change so.. I had been saying for MONTHS that I wanted to try 9Round or Orangetheory class! But again still not taking that actual step of doing it.

It is one thing to do the work and figure out what changes you want to make in your life. Its awesome to start planning for them, making to do lists, making vision boards, getting ready to begin… as long as you follow that up with action! Planning to change doesn’t create real change. Even if you haven’t perfectly planned out or organized something you want to do, at a certain point – just do it! Messy action is better than no action at all!!