Spring is here!

The sun is shining.. The snow is melting.. the dog poop stinks..! It must be Spring time!! I am so excited that we are finally starting to get some spring weather here!! The temperature has been getting up to 15 degrees Celcius the last few days..it has not been that warm since October 2018! So that is 5 months since we have had days this nice. Wow! It sure makes you appreciate the sunshine! I truly feel like the nicer weather has been impacting everyone’s moods so much! I have noticed it in myself and definitely at work I’ve noticed that people are just happier in general! Its so nice 🙂

With the beautiful spring weather upon us, I have felt inspired to do some spring decorating! I’m still in wedding budgeting mode, so I’m going to share the inexpensive ways that I’ve updated my home for spring!

I love how this wreath brightens up our porch – I haven’t gotten around to decorating it for Spring/Summer yet. Do you see Harlow watching me take pics? Haha!

A wreath is an easy way to give off spring vibes when guests enter your home. This particular wreath is from Michaels from last year (I got it 50% off – their stuff is so overpriced without a sale!) Its actually a funny story. I asked Kenny if he could grab all our spring décor for me and he started talking about how “there’s just some pillows and the wreef.” and asking “are you going to put up the wreef?” I was like wait…what are you saying!!! He literally thought it was “wreef” Haha! I had to clarify that it is, in fact, wreath!!! I love him for how he can be so smart and yet so oblivious at the same time! Anyways, this is a totally cost effective way to bring in some spring! I have seen really nice wreaths for spring at Marshalls, Home Sense, and even Dollarama had some really pretty ones!

Throw pillows are another quick and easy way to spruce up your space! I love how they bring in some color to my bland room haha! Also, how cute is my new side table? It was $60!!! I couldn’t believe it! I love mixing modern pieces with more rustic stuff!

Love how Springy it feels in here! This is my new side table that was a total steal from Home Sense!

Florals? For spring? Ground breaking!! Haha but seriously, when we have 5 months of winter, we deserve some flowers people!!! I love having fresh flowers around because they smell beautiful and just add such a fresh vibe to the space! I also have a few silk arrangements as well which are perfect for those of us without a green thumb! My favorite place to pick up flowers is Costco! I know that sounds weird but they have the best quality and the best prices! They sell 2 dozen roses for $22 and they are always beautiful! Would cost so much more at a flower shop!

Would you believe me if I told you she wasn’t allowed on these chairs…? Sigh…

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather!!


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