5 Tips for Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress

If you’re like most girls, you have been dreaming of finding your wedding dress for a long time and probably had your dream dress picked out before you even got engaged! If you aren’t, that’s totally okay! Take it from me.. I have probably tried on over 30 dresses!!! So you could say I have some experience in that area! Today I’m going to share 5 helpful tips for finding your wedding dress

  1. Don’t bring too many people with you to your appointments

This can be tough because of course you want to share the moment with your friends, your mom, future mother in law, and everyone else who is so excited for you in this experience! I found that when I first started shopping, I subconsciously was trying to make it a super fun and memorable experience for my mom and friends who were joining me. I felt like it was my job to make sure they were enjoying themselves and now I look back on that and think no wonder I couldn’t focus on finding a dress! I would recommend having one or two appointments at the nice bridal boutiques in your area, and making those the “experience” days. Enjoy the full bride experience with your whole crew for those moments. But then after that – just bring one trusted friend or your mom with you if you need to do more shopping! That way, you won’t feel like you’ve missed out on the whole group experience, but you can focus on shopping

2. Leave yourself lots of time for shopping

I started shopping in October of 2018 and didn’t purchase a dress until February 2019! So it took me about 5 months of shopping! Most salons tell you it takes about 6-9 months for your dress to come in once you’ve ordered it, but I have also been told by experienced bridal shop owners that in reality, unless you are going with a super exclusive or small designer, dresses won’t take more than 6 months. I was told that my dress should arrive in the end of May, which is only 3 months and the designer of my dress is based out of Australia. I knew I am not a decisive person so I purposely gave myself lots of time and I’m so glad I did! I can’t imagine feeling the pressure of time on top of all the other pressure you are already feeling as a bride!

3. Research before – but keep an open mind

It can be super overwhelming to go into a bridal shop for the first time. There are so many styles and choices and honestly they are all beautiful! It’s a great idea to look up which designers are carried by the stores you are going to ahead of time so you can have an idea of what you want to try on. You can save yourself time by knowing what styles you absolutely aren’t interested in. I also found this helpful because if there was a particular dress or designer I liked, you can easily get an idea of how much their dresses cost by doing some googling. Search the specific dress online and most will come up with links to sites like “stillwhite.com” or “preownedweddingdresses.com” where the dress you are interested in is posted for sale by a bride. These postings usually indicate what the retail price was for the dress, so you can have an approximate retail price in mind before you even go to the bridal shop.

4. Make a Budget…

And then f*ck that budget! Haha just kidding!! But seriously.. wedding dresses are expensive! I think a lot of people don’t realize just how much they can cost! In my experience I found majority of the dresses I liked to be around $2500-$4000 CAD. Before I started shopping, I set my wedding dress budget at $1500.. I quickly realized that it was not a reasonable number. There was almost nothing I liked in that price range, except for in big chain stores like David’s Bridal. I found the low price was really reflected by low quality. So even though it is a lot of money, I think its better to pay more for quality than still be paying a decent amount for poor quality. The experience at David’s Bridal was also incomparable to other stores. I almost left before my appointment started – it was that bad! If you find a dress there or able to keep your dress in that lower price range – that’s awesome! This was just what I found in my experience. In the end I ended up doubling my wedding dress budget, but I’m ultimately happy and truly don’t think I would have found something at that lower price point unless it was used! (There are some awesome consignment stores that is a great option for cutting costs!)

5. Have fun, try to relax, and enjoy the moment!

This is a once in a lifetime experience! I look back on my dress shopping experience and wish I had relaxed a bit instead of trying to hard to force “the one” or try to analyze if I was having that special moment or not. You are only going to be in this engaged stage of your life for a short time so be sure to enjoy it, take lots of photos, drink champagne, and lighten up a bit!!

Happy shopping to all the Brides-to-be!!!

This was a Truvelle dress. It was lovely but I wanted something more form fitting.

Look how thrilled I am to be trying on my 35th wedding dress.. Haha! This one wasn’t a winner either!
I loved the back of this dress, but the front didn’t excite me as much. Thank u, next!
A lovely bridal boutique where we had snacks and bubbly. Its all about the experience!
I was so happy to finally find a perfect dress! No photos of that until after the wedding… but trust me – its amazing!

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