Welcome to A Styled Mindset

Hi!!! I’m Cara Cameron, thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

I’m going to start by telling you a bit about myself and how I ended up here. I live in Western Canada and work as a Laboratory Technologist. Sounds really exciting right? Honestly sometimes it is! But more often, I don’t have the most fulfilling career, but I have so many other areas of my life that totally light me up. I love animals and have two cats, Chloe & Kingsley and a dog, Harlow. Here is Harlow and I on our front porch. Isn’t she just the sweetest dog?

I’m currently planning my wedding to my amazing fiancé, Kenny. Our wedding is this September and it is actually on our ninth anniversary together! I am at a super exciting stage in the planning now because everything is basically done and now its just a matter of minding the details as we get closer to the date. I can’t wait to share more about that here on my blog.

My fiancé and our pets moved into a new home recently, which we love! Home décor is one of my passions for sure! I also love fashion and style, cooking, and what I like to call ‘self love’. Basically I hate to use the term “self help” because to me that term comes with negative connotations. But basically, about 6 months ago I really started to become interested in reading books, listening to podcasts, and just interacting with others on self love topics.

As I got further into self love and reflection, I realized that starting a blog had been something on my mind for a long time.. So here I am! I’m going to call my blog A Styled Mindset because I want it to be a place where my lifestyle passions (home décor, fashion, and style) can coexist with my self love interests. Thanks for following along!

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